NBA Helps The World

The primary problem with the NBA has been one of image. The NBA has many basketball players who are talented yet they are misjudged by a few people who have tainted it secondary to their misbehaviour. There is the image of NBA Players being overpaid yet giving little to the community at large. While the […]

Lulu Publishes New Book by Alvarez-Galloso about Beijing Olympics   “My Olympic Moment: Personal Reflections on the Beijing Olympics” written by Roberto Carlos Alvarez-Galloso has been published by Lulu. “My Olympic Moment: Personal Reflections on the Beijing Olympics” is a collection of articles based on personal opinion and the experience of the author’s trip to the People’s Republic of China. “My Olympic Moment: […]

Good Bye Beijing Olympics

INTRODUCTION At a time when Spain defeated Lithuania and the United States of America defeated Argentina in Olympic Basketball, the days are counting slowly towards the end of the Beijing Olympics of 2008. My feelings about the last days of the Olympics are one of profound sadness and fear. I feel sad that one of […]

Cubano Expulsado de las Olimpiadas

Parece que los atletas cubanos recibieron el mismo castigo como el sueco Abrahamian. Un deportista cubano en Tai Kwan Do cuyo nombre es Angel Matos fue expulsado de las Olimpiadas despues de patear al arbitro sueco Chakir Chabat. El tecnico Leudis Gonzalez no queria pedir disculpa y fue expulsado. La expulsion es vitalicia. Lo que […]