Maradona Should Not Coach Argentina

  It has come to the attention of the world that Diego Armando Maradona will be the coach of the Argentine National Football [Soccer] Team. While certain pundits have praised the selection, the BBC Sports Reporter Tim Vickery has criticized it. I an in agreement with Mr. Vickery after reading his article. My disagreement is […]

Ginn Does It For The Fins

The Miami Dolphins were able to make a stunning comeback after two losses to Baltimore and Houston, and were able to defeat the Buffalo Bills 25-16. It was not easy to attempt a comeback and there was the fear of another loss. The first three quarters were depressing with the Bills dominating the game. At […]

Pele and Contemporary Football

According to the Xinhua News Agency and CRI English, Pele has expressed his disgust at the majority of football [soccer] players of today.  He has criticized the majority for preferring to “play for the love of money instead of love of football [soccer] jersey”. He also commented about people who played for their club instead […]