After Blago

I do not usually do politics but since this is a historical occasion, I have decided to publish an interview conducted with Kent Mc Millan who is the Public Relations Chair of the Libertarian Party of Illinois. This interview was published in Now Public which is an E Magazine in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  During […]

Recommended African Football Online Sites

African Soccer [Football] has become popular as the world enters a new era of globalization. What has been the favourite of the few who listen to shortwave radio has converted into something that is popular. One of the best places where African Soccer [football] can be found are in some of the web pages of […]

Sacha Kljestan and the United States Soccer Team

  On the 24th of January 2009, the United States Soccer [Football] Team played a friendly game against Sweden in the Home Depot Center in Carson, California. It was a great beginning for the United States Soccer Team and one of its players Sacha Kljestan who is a midfielder and winger.   It appears that […]

Health and Ecology in Zimbabwe

While the world is watching and celebrating the inauguration of Barack Obama, it appears that the unfolding crisis in Zimbabwe needs to be placed back in the limelight. The situation cannot be ignored as long as people who have nothing to do with the politics die. The situation cannot be ignored as the ecological damage […]

The Life and Times of FC Zimbru Chisinau

At a time when people talk about Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Chivas USA, and other teams; the soccer/football world tends to forget the gems that are present in but not appreciated. One of the gems in the soccer/football world is Zembru Chisinau. The time has come to talk about the history and times of […]

Para Radio Internacional de China: China y la UE

Para mi familia de Radio Internacional de China en Espa~nol:   1. ¿Cómo evalúa las relaciones actuales entre China y la Unión Europea y, más concretamente, con España?   Aunque no puedo hablar de las relaciones entre la Republica Popular China y la UE, considero que las relaciones pueden tener un buen paso si la […]