Zheng Zhi Signs With Celtic FC

Zheng Zhi is one of the greatest football players in China. He recently signed a two year contract with Celtic FC after spending the last two seasons with Charlton Athletic. After his arrival in Glasgow, Zheng Zhi will be participating in a press conference and then practice for the rest of the Celtic Football Season […]

Links Between Nestle and Mugabe’s Wife

A report from the British Sunday Telegraph has revealed that the Swiss Multinational Company Nestle has been buying milk from a farm that was seized by the Zimbabwe Government and currently belongs to Grace Mugabe [wife of the Zimbabwean President]. It has been revealed that Nestle buys the milk on a cash basis. Nestle defends […]

Zimbabwe Human Rights Activist Freed

Jestina Mukoko received a permament stay from prosecution by the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe. The reason was her testimony has to how she was dragged from her home and beaten after being accused of plotting to overthrow the country’s President Robert Mugabe. Ms. Mukoko was also subjected to simulated drowning, locked in a freezer, and […]