Mark Hateley: A Tribute

Mark Hateley was also known as Atilla in the circles of the Rangers FC secondary to his position as a striker that inspired fear in the defenders of the opposing team. It is also this reputation as one of the greatest in English Football [Soccer] that earned him an honorable mention in this article. Mark […]

Inglaterra & Escocia

Para aquellos con sus dudas acerca de Beckham, Mc Laren acerca de sus posiciones dentro del equipo ingles, Beckham y Mc Laren gozan del apoyo del Noticiero Alvarez Galloso. Tambien El Noticiero Alvarez Galloso apoya Escocia en su juego contra Italia para la clasificacion de Euro 2008.


This Saturday’s Game between Scotland and Italy will see Roberto supporting Scotland. Scotland has proven itself to be a strong contender in this season’s Euro 2008 even when some mistakes were made. I hope Scotland wins in order to have a decent classification and an outright victory in Euro 2008. Another reason for supporting a […]