Celebrities Who Make A Postive Difference In Life

The celebrities that come from Hollywood have a negative impact on society and are a bad reflection on the society inherent in the United States of America. Regardless, not all of the celebrities have a negative aspect on society. The examples of positive influences of celebrities mostly originate from Florida and Texas. The State of […]

Leyenda Entre Leyendas: Lorena Rojas

Leyenda Entre Leyendas: Lorena Rojas El próximo capitulo de Leyenda Entre Leyendas será dedicado a una actriz, cantante, y activista que merece ser reconocida a pesar de que es conocida en el universo. Estamos hablando de Lorena Rojas. Lorena Rojas es famosa por sus actuaciones en las telenovelas de Televisa y Telemundo como por sus […]

Reflections About Lorena Rojas

The history of entertainment would be incomplete without mentioning an artist who not only captivated the world with her external beauty but her internal one. One of the examples that exists in the today’s world is Lorena Rojas who rose to stardom and is now supporting various causes such as ths struggle against cancer and […]