Nestles Cancels Deal With Mugabe’s Wife

A few days ago, I wrote an article about the deals between Swiss Multinational Nestle and Mugabe’s wife. The story generated attention with Now Public readers and members of the staff. It also generated a boycott threat from various human rights groups. I can now write that the story has a happy ending. Nestle has announced […]

Links Between Nestle and Mugabe’s Wife

A report from the British Sunday Telegraph has revealed that the Swiss Multinational Company Nestle has been buying milk from a farm that was seized by the Zimbabwe Government and currently belongs to Grace Mugabe [wife of the Zimbabwean President]. It has been revealed that Nestle buys the milk on a cash basis. Nestle defends […]

Zimbabwe Human Rights Activist Freed

Jestina Mukoko received a permament stay from prosecution by the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe. The reason was her testimony has to how she was dragged from her home and beaten after being accused of plotting to overthrow the country’s President Robert Mugabe. Ms. Mukoko was also subjected to simulated drowning, locked in a freezer, and […]

China To Help Zimbabwe

A spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Qin Gang announced that the Chinese Government will be granting loans to Zimbabwe. This will be via its financial institutions. The purpose is to help Zimbabwe in its process of reconstruction under the National Unity Government. Qin Gang has stated that China helped Zimbabwe in the past and […]


ZIMBABWE CONSERVATION TASK FORCE                17th June 2009    THERE’S A RHINO IN MY HOUSE   For those of you who have been following the story of Tatenda, the orphaned baby rhino at Imire Safari Ranch, there will be a documentary about him on Animal Planet titled «There’s a rhino in my House». […]

Mugabe to SADC: Not In My House

The President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has told the SADC [Southern African Development Community] that there is no need for arbitration in the dispute between his ZANU-PF Party and the MDC. He made his declarations via his Transportation Minister Nicholas Goche. At the present time, Zimbabwe appears to be divided with the MDC accusing ZANU-PF […]

Zim Deputy Info Minister Wants Media Law Changes

Jameson Timba who is the Deputy Information Minsiter in the National Unity Government in Zimbabwe proposes changes to the media law. The reasons were based on the detention of two editors from the Zimbabwe Independent for publishing names of people who kidnapped members of the opposition. At the same time, Ms. Irene Petras of the […]

Zimbabwe Newspaper Editors Arrested

According to the E Magazine IOL, The Editor [Vincent Kahiya] and the News Editor [Constantine Chimakure] of the Zimbabwe Independent have been arrested under the accusation of spreading false stories. Both were taken into custody according to their lawyer Innocent Chagonda under charhes related to publishing names of those who participated in the abduction of […]