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En paz descanse. Tú me acostumbraste es uno de mis himnos:

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Las esposas de Leopoldo López y Daniel Ceballos denunciaron las condiciones denigrantes a las que son sometidos sus esposos junto con Enzo Scarano y Salvatore Lucchese

Patricia de Ceballos y Lilian Tintori denuncian que mantienen a sus esposos en condiciones de tortura permanente (Leopoldo López)

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Con bolsas de excrementos torturan a presos políticos en Venezuela.

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Published on Mar 30, 2013
Conducted by Leonard Bernstein, THE BERLIN CELEBRATION CONCERT is an historic performance marking the fall of the Berlin Wall. Performed on Christmas Day 1989 in the former East Berlin, the concert unites an international cast of celebrated musicians and vocalists for a moving performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

Symphonieorchester des Bayerisches Rundfunks and members of Staatskapelle Dresden, Orchestra of the Leningrad Kirov Theatre, London Symphony Orchestra, New York Philharmonic and Orchestre de Paris.

Published on Apr 20, 2012
Algo que no solo pasó en el oeste: durante los años 50 y 60, en Alemania del Este también se encerró a niños en hogares donde fueron maltradados. El Gobierno alemán ha decidido ahora que estos afectados también reciban una compensación por las humillaciones sufridas. Pero numerosas víctimas no pueden olvidar la violencia y el sufrimiento al que estuvieron sometidos.

“Time to Reset”
Emilio Chaviano
Oct. 29, 2014

It will happen again this coming Saturday night. It will be time to reset timepieces back one hour. It is Fall, so we must “fall back.” I know that once again I will be fumbling with my digital watch that is never easy to reset. All of this makes me think of my childhood days when I used to travel back in an imaginary time machine. In spite of my challenges when it comes to computers, I’ve learned to fix problems by doing a system restore which takes the computer to a previous date when all was well. What a great idea! If people could go back to a time when all was well or at least better in their personal, family and work lives people would be a lot happier. As I write this I wonder how many of us could use a “life restore” if it were possible. The Hebrew and Christian scriptures contain a concept that conveys the same idea but goes much deeper. The Bible is all about life restoration. There we find the term “salvation” and it is all about being restored to God’s intended harmonious relationship of humans with others, with the Creator and even with the rest of creation. Just like you want your clocks to be synchronized properly, we must do a reset to live in harmony with God and others. The synchronizing of our lives is really of a spiritual nature and it is essential if we are to live abundantly with love, joy and peace. Time to reset!

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So this was basically my day…
IMG_2708IMG_8565IMG_8575IMG_8571IMG_8596IMG_8597IMG_8591IMG_8587IMG_8608IMG_8615IMG_8624All I have to say right now is that getting a tiny puppy and a tiny kitten at the same time is a great idea in theory (you know, best friends forever and all that shit) until said puppy runs out to the living room with two cat turds dangling from his mouth.



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Bogotá: debajo de las ruedas de la bicicleta.  40 aniversario del Programa de la Ciclovía–CRI Online en español.


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