Quote of the Day: Ben Franklin

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Those who surrender essential liberty for the sake of temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security.
Ben Franklin

Refran Del Dia: Alberto Ciurana

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De la mano de Dios, todo es posible.
Alberto Ciurana



Deja que tu Fe sea más grande que tus Miedos.

Danny Berrios




Wednesday March 4, 2015

Schreiner University’s Texas Music Coffeehouse Series will pay tribute to Women in Texas Music, and what better way than to feature Susan Gibson and Lisa Beck Crawford!

Susan Gibson is a Wimberley, Texas based singer and songwriter who has released four solo albums and tours the nation. Gibson was the lead singer for the alternative country band, The Groobees and is the writer of the Dixie Chicks hit Wide Open Spaces

Lisa Beck Crawford was born in Lubbock, Texas and mostly raised in the San Antonio area. She had a passion for music early on as she grew up listening to the sweet harmonies of her mom and aunt, who in their early teen years had performed in an all-girls quartet in Lubbock, Texas.
Ms. Crawford is usually compared [in her music] to Emmy Lou Harris, one of her biggest influences in music, having grown up on traditional country and gospel music.