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El Equipo – ECUADORTV.

Argentina retira al Bank of New York Mellon representación legal.

El Manchester United hace oficial el fichaje de Di María.

Arqueólogos descubren a un guerrero 'gigante' en Siberia – RT.

La ciudad de Turpan celebra el Festival de la Español_央视网(

Ancianos en Bolivia sufren maltrato, abandono y despojo de bienes–CRI Online en español.

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img_9628.jpg When I was about 19 or so I wrote a song called “Heroes Proved.” I was knee deep in college and missing home, missing a slower paced life. Missing college. Missing a time when neighbors came over and sipped on coffee from a big mug and visited long enough to have a couple more refills.

It was a time I was certain all of the yard lights along the pink scoria road where I grew up were going to blink out one by one as stewards of the land grew old and moved to town, with no one in line to move in the old place, because there was nothing for them here.

I couldn’t be convinced then that just eleven years later I would be adding a yard light to the picture, staying up late building a life out here with plenty of prospects. Plenty to do.

House 1

And down the…

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British taxpayers are funding waste collections in communist Cuba, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The EU has given £1.6 million to fund bin rounds on the Caribbean island as part of an environmental regeneration project – at a time when many UK collections are being cut.

Although the EU’s trade embargo against the communist regime ended in 2008, the Foreign Office still regards Cuba as a ‘country of concern’ because of its appalling human rights record.

vía We pay for Cuban bin rounds as part of an eco-regeneration project – as ours are cut  | Mail Online.

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