Monarquia VS Republica en EEUU/Monarchy VS Republic in USA

This is the first chapter of a series of Republic VS Monarchy in America. I have been interviewing experts on monarchy and this was the first introductory response. The first interviewee was an expert on Monarchy whose name is Stephen Stephanou. I would like to thank him for his response. 

“I could certainly address therse issues but some I may be less qualified by my opinions.  I am half Greek and half German-my interest is mostly in the arena of European.  Middle Eastern and Asian monarchy.  I am less inclined to think that hereditary monarchy would wqork in the US at this late date.  There is little historical tradition at this point.  This is not tosay that we haven’t or don’t have imperial presidencies.  I would not really advocate a monarchy in the US.  People are not interested in tradition for the most part in the US.  It’s more about celebrity and money I think.”

Estoy comenzando un segmento acerca de Monarquia VS Republica en los EEUU. Mi primer entrevistado aunque breve es Stephen Stephanou y lo quiero agradecer por la gentileza en contestarme. He aqui su respuesta:

 “Con muncho gusto hablare de los conceptos acerca de Monarquia VS Republica en EEUU. Mi etnia es Griego y Aleman con experiencia en los estudios acerca de las monarquias europeas, asiaticas, y del Medio Oriente. Aunque los Estados Unidos tienes un gobierno republicano disfrazado de monarquia, considero que una monarquia hereditaria en EEUU no es viable. La razon es que los EEUU carece de una tradicion de monarquia hereditaria. Ademas la mayoria del pueblo en EEUU estas enamorado de Hollywood y el dinero”.


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