George Phillies who is the Libertarian Party Candidate for President of the United States of America wrote about “Debate and Civility” in his latest press release. I have read the Press Release and decided to write my response to his Press Release. Another reason why I am writing this response is because of the deteriorating civility in the United States of America including interpersonal relations. On the morning of the 30th of April 2008, I saw a tourist from Iowa in one of my favourite restaurants. The tourist from Iowa had a T-Shirt that said “Iowa Democrat” and she was inpatient for her coffee. Finally, she told the people in the restaurant to “keep your coffee” and started muttering about a Latin Invasion. I was picking up my breakfast and told her that there were many US Citizens by birth in Miami Florida. Her response was to accuse me of being Republican. When I told her that I am a Libertarian, she left the restaurant using every expletive in the English Language. We see the Republicans and Democrats polarizing the United States of America and showing off their intolerance and bigotry. This incident has reinforced my loyalty to the Libertarian Party.

We are now approaching the Libertarian Party National Convention at the end of May 2008 and we will be nominating our candidate. We have to be very careful whom we nominate since our nominee will be competing against the Republicans and Democrats who have all of the support of the mainstream media and possess an intolerance that has permeated our society. We have to be careful to not attack each other so as to give Republicans and Democrats an excuse to continue with the status quo and politics as usual. This cannot occur since the United States of America is slowly dying and the people who are killing our country are not “the foreigners”, it is the same “American Citizens” with their bigotry, intolerance towards people who “do not look or behave” like them. The so called “American Citizens” who are killing off the United States of America are doing it via the interference of the state in the life of the United States of America.

I agree with George Phillies in his latest press release and we need to look at ourselves in the mirror. We must say: “We are Americans, We are members of the Party that identifies more with America which is the Libertarian Party. We are supporters of George Phillies and will vote for him or any other candidate that the Libertarian Party nominates.” We must overcome our fear on Election Day 2008 and ignore the negative people who insult us when we vote Libertarian or identify ourselves as Libertarian. We should have the courage to say no to the Anti American Values of Insults and say Yes to Resolving Our Problems by Voting Libertarian. If you live in a state where a Libertarian does not appear in the ballot and can write in the Libertarian Candidate, by all means do so. If we do not vote Libertarian or for George Phillies, the United States of America will either go the way of the Roman Empire or Yugoslavia [complete with civil wars in the style of Bosnia]. You are masters of your destiny, Vote for America and Vote Libertarian.


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