Salvador Cabanas: A Personal Reflection

The sports world received a surprise with the shooting of Salvador Cabanas at a bar in Mexico City. Before the unfortunate incident, Salvador Cabanas was one of the lead players of Club America (a Mexican Football/Soccer Team) and the Paraguayan National Football/Soccer Team.

The incident that led to his shooting occurred at a place called the Bar Bar. The Bar Bar was a place where the rich, famous, and powerful in Mexico met to see and be seen. The Bar Bar was also a favorite place for sports personalities such as Maradona. According to the verse from a song by the Monkees: «That was then and this is now.»

Salvador Cabanas was either in an incident with one of his assailants, or there was an attempted kidnapping or robbery that went wrong. The underwriter is trying to find the cause. What happened was that he was shot and members of the Bar Bar collaborated with the assailants.

Salvador Cabanas was taken to the hospital where the bullet was found lodged in the posterior section of the Occipital Lobe. According to an article from the Presbyterian Hospital in New York (and based on the personal experience of the underwriter who studied medicine), the prognosis is poor with a 5 percent chance of recovery.

Mexico and the world started to show signs of support for Cabanas and condemn the crime that was committed. The games of the Mexican Bicentennial 2010 Tournament were dedicated to Cabanas. Club America promised to pay his medical costs.

A miracle of some sorts occurred when he started to speak to his visitors about the desire to play in the 2010 World Cup. He also predicted the results of the Club America vs. Indios of Ciudad Juarez game in favor of his team. The reports of his moving his extremities were also declared a miracle.

While the article about Cabanas is being written, it is still uncertain the future for the Copa America and Paraguayan Football/Soccer Player. It is hoped that he can recover to be with his family and maybe even accompany his team to the 2010 World Cup in a non-playing role.

The people who love sports must unite in condemning violence of all kind against the people who participate in sports, the sports personalities, and the sports fan. The people must also exert pressure on Mexico to have the assailant arrested, tried, and sentenced.

It is also hoped that Salvador Cabanas testifies against his assailant without reprisals. Whether this happens remains to be seen.

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