Salvador Caba~nas In Good Spirits After Receiving Family and Friends

The saga of Salvador Cabanas took a turn for the better after leaving intensive care and receiving visits from his family. He was able to see his son Santiago who is eight years of age and Mia who is three for the first time since he was shot in the head.

The reaction of the Paraguayan Player who is a member of Club America and his country’s national team was one of joy. He was able to recognize his children and spend an afternoon as well as an evening with them.

Salvador Cabanas received friends and was able to recognize as well as converse with them.

Salvador Cabanas was able to converse with the Chief of the Medical Services of Club America Alfonso Diaz. The conversation that ensued [according to Dr. Diaz] was that he was preoccupied with the results of Club America in their games.

Dr. Diaz assured Cabanas that Club America is winning most of their games and that it has been selected by the private consulting agency Mifosky as the most popular club in Mexico. Michel Bauer who is President of Club America is «satisfied» with the recovery of Cabanas.

It appears that Cabanas has survived most of the odds against him but the idea of returning to the football/soccer field is another matter. The bullets remain lodged inside the occipital lobe and have not been removed as per agreement with the surgeons. The fear would be a further deterioration of his condition.


The possibilities of a seizure or the bullet lodging elsewhere during play is great. According to people who have followed the story in Miami Florida, there has been a suggestion that he could go to South Africa as a flag bearer. It remains to be seen what will transpire in what has been called the miracle of the year and century.

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