Salvador Cabanas Speak To Televisa

Salvador Cabanas was interviewed by the Mexican Television conglomerate Televisa. Before continuing, Televisa is also one of the owners of the football/soccer club Club America of which Salvador Cabanas is a player.

During the interview, Salvador Cabanas spoke clearly about how great it is to be alive. He reiterated that he will be returning to the football/soccer field «soon». He also thanked his supporters, Club America, the Paraguayan National Football/Soccer Team, as well as the people of the world for their support.

He was seen in the special interview wearing a hat that covered the area where he was shot. He demonstrated his dexterity by playing ping pong in front of the cameras to the amazement of the interviewers. Mr. Cabanas also said that he will dedicate his time «to making people happy in and off the field».

The interview also was full of advice from the Paraguayan player for Club America to the children of the world who are interested in a career in football/soccer. He advised them to «study hard, participate in football/soccer, and to be good citizens since this will get [them] far in life».

The would be assasin of Cabanas [Jose Jorge Balderas] is still being sought by the police after he shot Cabanas in the frontal area in January 2010. It remains to be seen what will transpire in the search. Regardless, it appears that Salvador Cabanas is defying the odds.

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