Salvador Cabanas In Argentina

Salvador Cabanas who is the player for Club America and the Paraguayan National Team has left Mexico for Argentina. The purpose is to continue his rehabilitation treatment in Argentina. Club America [which is the Mexican Football/Soccer Teamin which Cabanas played for] has granted permission.

The decision to allow Cabanas to leave Mexico for Argentina was not an easy decision taking into account the fragility of his situation after his gunshot wound to the head at the «Bar Bar» in Mexico City on the 25th of January 2010.


The neurosurgery team lead by Ernesto Martinez Duhart decided thar Salvador Cabanas does not have any life threatening complications and permitted the transfer. They also consulted with Salvador Cabanas and his family as well as with Club America. All were in agreement and Club America granted permission on humanitarian grounds.



Salvador Cabanas was accompanied by his wife, other members if his family, and the physician for Club America Alfonso Diaz. He will be receiving treatment at the Clinica Escobar De FLENI at Buenos Aires, Argentina.


One of the reasons for the decision to transfer Cabanas is so that he could be close to his family and country. It was also a request by Salvador Cabanas during an interview with Televisa [the Mexican Television Conglomerate].


The Clinica Escobar de Fleni which is located in Argentina is one of the state of the art rehabilitative clinics in South America. It is one of the few rehabilitative clinics in South America which uses the latest advances in technology in order to rehabilitate physically and psychologically its patients.


It was founded by a local humanitarian Raul Carrea and has centers for psychological and physical rehabilitation with the purpose of reintroducing the patients back to society. It also contains a center for patients who are unable to afford rehabilitative care which is not the case of Cabanas. The Clnica Escobar de FLENI has been compared with the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and St Jude’s Research Hospital in the United States of America.


While it is not known how long Cabanas will remain in the clinic, it is certain that he will probably feel comfortable receiving treatment while being close to his family and country.


In the long run, it was a wise decision by Club America to allow the transfer of Cabanas and his family to Argentina. Club America deserves to be congratulated for its gesture of placing family above monetary gains which is something that rarely occurs in the sports world.

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