Club America Close To Elimination In Mexican League 2009-2010

Club America is close to being eliminated from the Mexican League Competition for the 2009-2010 season after its loss to Monterrey in a crucial game which took place in the Estadio Tecnologico in Monterrey, Jalisco, Mexico.

The first half of this important game for both teams started with Club America being in posession of the ball and the game. Angel Reyna was able to score the first goal of the game within 26 minutes with a near direct goal kick which sidelined the goalkeeper of Monterrey Jose Maria Basanta.

Regardless, Club America began to show signs of faltering after the goal was scored and remained without a sense of direction for the duration of the game. The sense of direction was characterized by the lack of coordination between the players and the inability to pass the ball between the team members.

The coach of the team Chucho Ramirez made errors in substitutions that cost the team dearly when the replacements were worse than the players who were leaving the game/The club began to suffer further when Aquivaldo Mosquera was expelled from the game for unprofessional behavior.The series of yellow cards for some of the Club America players did not help the club in any way.

Monterrey took advantage of the situation with Club America to establish a pattern of consistency and discipline in the game. The players were organized and passed the ball between each other. Sergio Santana was able to take advantage of a ball that was left for «dead» after an attempted play between Aquivaldo Mosquera and Neri Cardozo by kicking it directly into the goal post.

The result was an equalizer that energized Monterrey and its supporters. The people wanted more results including a victory. The end result was another goal for Monterrey when Abraham Carreno took advantage of an opening within the Club America goal post to make a direct kick into the post.

The result was a 2 to 0 in favour of Monterrey and the remaining minutes were dedicated to the team looking forward in its plat while Club America slipped itself into a heartbeat away from elimination secondary to its lack of direction. Abraham Carreno is the most valued player of his team and game because of the seven goals scored during the 2010 Bicentennial Tournament in Mexico.

In other news about Club America, Salvador Cabanas [the player who was shot in the head in the beginning of 2010] has been showing signs of recovery since his arrival in Argentina. He may be going to South Africa as a spectator for the Paraguayan National Football/Soccer Team.

Jalisco was witness to the Atlas defeating Chivas of Guadalajara two to zero in order to be crowned «Kings of Guadalajara» in football/soccer. The victory was made possible by the two goals of Heber Alvarez within 13 minutes and 67 minutes as well as a weak Chivas team. Heber Alvarez was declared most valued player of the Atlas team for his five goals during the 2010 Mexican Bicentennial Tournament.

Queretaro defeated Estudiantes de Teco one to zero secondary to a goal scored by Isaac Romo within 77 minutes. Mr. Romo took advantage of a weak defense by the Estudiantes de Teco in the goal post. Jaguares of Chiapas defeated Los Indios of Ciudad Juarez one to zero in its home turf in Tuxla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico.Tigres defeated Atlante two to one in its tournament game.

It remains to be seen what will transpire in the final weeks of the Mexican League season of 2009-2010 and the 2010 Mexican Bicentennial Tournament.


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