Alex Snitker In Four Way Florida Senate Race

Alex Snitker has surprised and shocked the political world in Florida by announcing he is running for the US Senate as a candidate of the Libertarian Party. The announcement comes at a time when Marco Rubio is running as a Republican, K.Meeks is running as a Democrat, and Charlie Crist [the Republican Governor of Florida] is running as an Independent.

He has decided to run as a Libertarian Candidate after the candidates themselves have been attacking each other instead of discussing the burning issues of the day in the Sunshine State. It was not an easy feat since the Libertarian Party has to overcome obstavles of ballot access in a society that has promoted freedom, human rights, and democracy while not practicing it at home.

Alex Snitker was a member of the US Marine Corp from 1993 to 2001 who is currently married to his high school sweetheart Kelly since 2000. They have a son who is currently 21 months of age. He considers his experience with the Marines helpful in being a Senator who is willing to serve his people and provide for a governance that is transparent. The qualities which are needed in the USA of the 21st Century.

He went to work as a salesman for AXSA Document Solutions after his honorable discharge from the military. His experience from his work as a salesman is that hard work pays off in the short and long run.

Alex Snitker is a believer in term limits for Members of Congress, the Senate, and that they should have the same retirement plan as the rest of the citizens of the USA. He is also a beleiver is the Balanced Budget Amendment which would limit the US Federal Government to spending equal or less than what it gains. In other words, he favors an America that would live within its means instead of spending money on wasteful projects.

He is also a believer in using the energy available in the USA without the need to depend on foreign sources. Alex Snitker also believes in the Fair Tax which would replace the current tax system with a federal retail sales tax which would be administered by the tax authorities of the 50 states of the Union. He is also a believer in non interference in the affairs of the world.

Alex Snitker has repeatedly stated that the USA should stop being a police person to the world and promote liberty by showing it in America to the world. He believes that a strong military is needed to defend the USA against internal and external enemies within the borders of the USA. The idea of illegal immigration according to ALex Snitker is to identify each one since no country can survive with open borders.

He is of the belief that illegal immigarnts should either be deported or give them a path to citizenship such as paying taxes, background checks, medical screening, and a course on the rights, responsibilities of being a US Citizen which includes the history of the country. The response of the establishment has been indifferent to censoring the news.

The mainstream media does not allow political announcements by Alex Snitker because they do not want to upset the status quo. Regardless, the people have a right to know about Snitker in order to make a decision in November 2010.

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