Togo Reinstated In The African Cup Of Nations

The Confederation of African Football [CAF] has decided to reinstate Togo into the African Cup Of Nations. The decision comes in the light of mediation from FIFA and its President Sett Blatter. FIFA is the maximum authority in football/soccer.

The controversy began during the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations held in Angola. The Togo National Football/Soccer Team were to play in the Angolan enclave of Cabinda when their bus [which was taking them to the game] was ambushed.

The result was that three people died and one of its players Emmanuel Adebayor [who also plays for Manchester City] was affected emotionally. Mr. Adebayor subsequently retired from football/soccer.

The Angolan hosts attempted to convince the Togo National Football/Soccer Team to stay but they withdraw. The response of the Confederation of African Football was to suspend Togo from the 2012 and 2014 African Cup of Nations.

Togo considered the suspension unjust and replied that the host country and the Confederation should have taken appropriate measures to ensure security. Togo took their case to FIFA, its Sport Court of Arbitration, and its President Sepp Blatter.

The result was that the Confederation of African Football [CAF] decided to lift its ban on Togo. Togo will now play in the 2012 and 2014 African Cup of Nations in Group K along wit Botswana, Tunisia, Chad, and Malawi.

Togo was also issued an amnesty and was forced to apologize for withdrawing secondary to bein assaulted. The condition was unfair as CAF should have taken into account the security of the Togo players and the mental anguish that Emmanuel Adebayor was subjected to.


While some sacrifices were made, a partial justice was served.


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