Santos Laguna 3-1 Atlas [28-VIII-2010]

Santos Laguna faced Atlas in another Mexican League series game in the Estadio TSM Corona. Santos Laguna was in first place in Group 1 of the Mexican League.

Atlaswas in last place in Group 2 of the Mexican Leaague and still recuperating from its internal troubles. The team was playing its first game under its new coach Jose Luis Mata.

The first goal was noted by Carlos Morales with an assist by Orobe Peralta within 57 minutes. Mr. Morales received the ball from Mr. Peralta and kicked it to the center of the goal post surprising the goalie for Atlas.

Christian Benitez scored the second goal with an assist from Jose Cardenas within 61 minutes. He kicked the ball into the center part of the goal post and the goalie for Atlas.

Daniel Ludue~na scored the third goal with a right foot kick into the left side of the goal post within 83 minutes. The goalie was unable to catch the ball.

Mr. Ludue~na then celebrated by taking off his right tennis shoe, placing it in top of his head, and showing it to the public as a victory sign.

Atlas was able to wake up after a lethargic time in the field. It appears that their internal problems affected their play.

Fabricio Fuentes surpirsed everyone by using his head to score a goal for Atlas within 86 minutes.

While Atlas wanted to recuperate from its lethargy, it was too little too late in front of a well organized Santos Laguna that dominated from the beginning.

Santos Laguna remains in first place in Group 1 in the Mexican League with 15 points while Atlas maintains its last place in Group 2 with 1 point.

Santos Laguna 3-1 Atlas

Estadio TSM Corona Mexico

Most Valued Player: Carlos Morales


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