Interview With Carlos Aguirre [Gustavo Ruelas Trainer]


Carlos Aguirre with Gustavo Ruelas [Courtesy of Carlos Aguirre]

The interview was conducted via E Mail.

1. How is Carlos Aguirre as a person in the past as well as present tense?

Carlos Aguirre is and has been a person who is hardworking and whose success comes from sacrifice, dedication, and the desire to improve oneself. He has achieved success on the basis of these factors and is a man of character, dignity, and professional experience but with humility.

2. How did you get started as a football trainer?

I started by learning in all of the spheres about the sport with discipline, dedication, and a burning desire to learn. I also wanted to teach football since I love the sport. My desire to learn and teach was borne of having witnessed many acts of injustice against my people and the desire to help them overcome.

3. What was the level of difficulty in studying to become a football trainer and why?  

There is a reason why studying a career is difficult. When an individual does not have the support makes it even more difficult. What has helped me in spite of my handicaps is the desire to learn. When you put your mind into your dream, nothing is impossible.

4. Gustavo Ruelas is one of the Astros of the Mexican Team Santos Laguna. He is now in Scotland on loan from that team to Celtic FC as part of increasing contacts between the two teams. How was your experience with Gustavo Ruelas during the time that you trained him?


               I knew him since he was a child when he was playing in a soccer club during my period as director. I started to train him and the experience was unforgettable including the victories, defeats, and his graduation to different levels. He and his family were also my family.

5.  What was the history of your academy?

I started after seeing many children who did not have the adequate education in sports and without opportunities. It was then that I started an academy based on soccer through hard work, and discipline.

6.  How was the professional life of Gustavo Ruelas?

In the beginning, he was like any player who started with dreams of becoming a professional. He began to mature in soccer because of his discipline, hard work, and the support of his family. It was these qualities that helped him arrive at where he is now which is playing football in Europe.

7. How many students are in your academy?  

Approximately 25 students and the academy continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

8. In addition to Ruelas, have you trained other Astros of football?  

I have not trained other players but have helped them become Astros such as Carlos Ochoa, Juan Nava, and Adrian Flores.

9. Great Britain like the rest of the European Continent seems enchanted with what is going on in Mexican Football. Is this a fad or is it permanent? 

Great Britain and the European Continent are extremely interested in the activities and services of Mexican footballers. There have been many Mexicans playing football since the 1980’s starting with Hugo Sanchez. Since Hugo Sanchez, there have been many others who have immigrated to Europe to play football.

10. How do you compare Gustavo Ruelas with Chicharito Hernández or Giovanni Dos Santos?

At the present time, there is no comparison between these three players. Both of them are of different eras and Ruelas is beginning his career. Only time will tell.

11. What is your advice for those who want a career in sports including football or any career?

My advice is to propose a goal en every aspect whether it is sports or any profession. What you propose you can achieve.Thank you

Thank you for accepting my invitation to being interviewed.

2 comentarios sobre “Interview With Carlos Aguirre [Gustavo Ruelas Trainer]

  1. me gustaria que tubiera mas apollo por parte de los medios de comunicacion el sr carlos aguirre save y conoce mucho . Yo no evisto anadien que forme ninos para que seagan futbolistas todo su trabajo es de fuerzas basicas como si fuera un club profecional deberian verlo trabajar

    Me gusta


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