Katherine Dawn Wins The 2010 Texas Music Coalition Artist Of The Year

The venerable Texas Country and Americana Star Katherine Dawn has been awarded the 2010 Texas Music Coalition Artist Of The Year. She took time off of her schedule to be interviewed. The following was done by E Mail.

1. What was your feeling when you [and the Texas Lady Bugs] were nominated for the award for 2010 Texas Music Coalition Artist of the Year?

As always it is a great feeling to be acknowledged for your profession.  I wish it had been a nomination for the whole band and not just for me.  I have been a member of the Texas Music Coalition for many years and I was nominated last year 2009 for the same award and received a finalist trophy.  The feeling was gratitude and honor.


2. The Texas Lady Bugs were formed recently. What do you think contributed to the runaway success of the Texas Lady Bugs?

I would have to say I feel that with having all ladies and our age group we relate and empower other ladies.  We try to make our fans feel like a part of what we are doing on the stage.  I think most artists would agree that if your fans don’t feel like they are part of what you are doing or striving to achieve then it can be very lonely at the top. But the real reason that we are such a success is because “Big” Bill Lister knew what he was talking about when he inspired me to create the group.


3. What was your feeling when you [and the Texas Lady Bugs] received the award for 2010 Texas Music Coalition Artist of the Year?

    Again I’d have to say gratitude and honor. I had told our little girl the night I left for the awards to remember…”If the world decided I couldn’t work in the music business AND be a mom and I had to choose one or the other I would without a doubt I would choose being a mom.” So to receive an award was a very gratifying feeling to share with my family.


4. The Texas Lady Bugs have been touring since the release of their first CD. Is there a possibility of a tour in Florida?

   I would love to say YES.  I have always wanted to visit Florida so we will just have to see where the charts take us.  That’s one of the many aspects I love about my profession is that just when you think you know where you will be playing the music takes you to places you never dreamed of going with it.  Florida wouldn’t that be nice.  Let’s hope!

5. Will there be another CD?

I can say a very big YES to that.  We have already begun working tracks for the official debut full length CD entitled “Shake What Yer’ Mama Gave You!” we are not signed yet so our pledge drive has been underway to fan fund the project.  We have till Dec.12, 2010 to accumulate our pledge goal.  Kickstarter is sponsoring the project. If the monetary goal is not reached by the 60 days then the pledges are not charged their chosen pledge amount.  Deal off with Kickstarter.  So it’s a new and interesting way to fund a CD project. Anyone interested in pledging can visit http://kck.st/aoFhe2


Thanks for accepting my invitation to be interviewed.



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