Gustavo Ruelas: From Santos Laguna To Celtic FC

Gustavo Ruelas is a rising star in the world of football/soccer for the 2st Century. He has recently been one of the latest football/soccer players from Mexican teams who have been going to Great Britain since Javier Hernandez was traded to Manchester United from Chivas of Guadalajara.

The life story of Gustavo Ruelas begins in Fontana, California on the 18th of March 1991. From the time he was born, he started showing an interest in football/soccer.  He started to fine tune his football/soccer plays in the football/soccer academy run by Carlos Aguirre.

Carlos Aguirre saw potential in Ruelas and he started to participate in the Under 18 or Under 21 teams in the United States of America and Mexico. He began to become noticed in professional circles with his debut with CD Chivas USA.

The alliance between Gustavo Ruelas and CD Chivas USA lasted from 2005 to 2006.

Gustavo Ruelas eventually was transferred to Santos Laguna from CD Chivas USA in the year 2006. In Santos Laguna, he was one of the most effective strikers and surprised opponents with his tactics on the field.

He also served as the captain for the Under 20 Santos Laguna team with equal success.

The rising career of Gustavo Ruelas went further when Celtic FC concluded a deal with Santos Laguna to have him on loan. The terms of the loan were one year with an option to buy Ruelas from Santos Laguna.

Celtic FC and Santos Laguna have established ties in football/soccer clubs and have been making increasing headway into the possibility of their players being loaned to each other.

The result of the deal was that Gustavo Ruelas was transferred to Celtic FC in Scotland where he is learning the ropes of football/soccer in the Scottish League. It has not been an easy transition but it appears that Ruelas has made it.

The reaction of Gustavo Ruelas was one of being happy that he will be receiving more opportunities to learn and grow as a professional player. He made this remarks during an interview with the US Latin Station Univision and the Mexican Sports Group Mexsport.

While there have been people who have expressed their doubts about Gustavo Ruelas, it appears that the doubters many be proved wrong. Gustavo Ruelas is not a person who can be underestimated when on the field.

Gustavo Ruelas is a football/soccer star who has come of age in the sports world of the 21st Century and it appears that he will be one of the predominant forces.


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