Amanda Pollard: The Diva Of Carolina R&B Music

Amanda Pollard is a new generation of R&B Singers that have defied the current trends in music with a style that is her own. I had the honor of interviewing the Diva of Carolina R&B and the rest is history.


1.      When and where did you start your career as a singer?


I attended middle and high school at Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte, NC where I majored in vocal music and after graduating I decided that I wanted to pursue music as a career.


2.      What made you decide that you wanted a career in singing or music?


During my time at Northwest School of the Arts I fell in love with music and performing and I cannot imagine my life without it. It’s almost as if a piece of me is missing until I’m preparing for a show or performing a show, so a career as an entertainer is the only logical choice for me.


3.      What was your reaction when you won the Carolina Music Awards?


Shock! It felt like I was floating on air when I went to the stage to accept the award. Receiving such an honor was the highlight of my year.


4.      Who are your musical idols and what did you learn from them in order to form a style that is Amanda Pollard?


I love everything from old Hollywood stars like Lena Horne and Ella Fitzgerald to Tina Turner and Michael Jackson to Aaliyah and Alicia Keys. I get inspired by performers and musicians that give everything they have to their craft and their fans. I think if you give anything less than one hundred percent of yourself, you sell yourself and your fans short.


5.      Have you done any tours in the USA or the world? [I ask this question since I write to other radio stations in other countries and would love to promote your music]


I have traveled throughout  the Southeast region of the US performing and can’t wait to take my show across the country and eventually international!


6.      What is your advice to those who want a career in singing?


My advice is to never give up on your dreams! No matter how hard it gets or how long it takes, don’t give up on yourself!


7.      What is your message to the world?


John 3:16


I would like to thank you for accepting my invitation to be interviewed. I wish you the best now and always.

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