Linna Martinez: A Rising Tejano Star Fom Idaho

I have interviewed artists from many parts of the USA and have enjoyed the conversations as well as the music. Linna Martinez inspired me with her music as well as her style of Tejano Music based in her place of birth Idaho.

I invited her for an interview and she accepted gracefully. The rest is the history of the rising star of Tejano Music.


You were born and raised in Idaho. How were you able to apply Tejano Music in your life and career?

 1.   I was born and raised in Idaho, but my great grand parents down to my parents are all from the Great state of Texas. With their knowledge and culture instilled from the great state of Texas, they planted the “seeds” within me that grew into these roots of “Tejano”


What gave you the inspiration to become a singer of Tejano Music?

      2. I first heard of “Tejano” music at the young age of three. My first inspiration was “la reina de la musica tejana”, Laura Canales. Along with her inspirational songs and the musical background of my family, I knew then i wanted to be a singer.


What were you feelings when you recorded your first CD “Sin Explicacion”?

 3.   Recording my first CD ” Sin Explicacion” was a new challenge for me. I knew nothing about recording studios or the Tejano music industry as an artist. But the feeling of having my very first recording done was the start of my singing career.


How long did it take to record and complete “Sin Explicacion”?

 4.   I worked very hard for a month to complete that very first project. At the completion of “Sin Explicacion”, I knew I couldn’t stop at just one project, which started the thinking process for “Corazoncito”!


How was Estilo formed as a group?

 5.   On my return to Idaho, the band Estilo was formed. Together with Estilo, we traveled the state of Idaho, spreading the great sounds of Tejano music. Estilo had the great privilege to perform in Vegas some of the conventions and San Antonio’s TTMA Fan Fair.


When was “Corazoncito” recorded and how long did it take for completion?

 6.   in 2004, Linna y Estilo recorded “Corazoncito” in San antonio, Texas. With this project, I had the opportunity to be a little more “hands on”. I got the opportunity to write and arrange a few songs for “Corazoncito”, as well as sing a few songs composed by my brother, my aunt, my late-grandfather and Art Guillermo. It took a few months to complete, but with hard work and dedication, it it took my career and experience with “tejano” to the another level.


Are you working on another album and when will it be released?

After a few years of taking time out to be a mother and raise my family, I’ve come back to what I know best, tejano music! I am releasing my new project under Q-Vo Records in San Antonio, Chente Barrera’s record label, entitled “Enamorada” which will be released on August 9th, 2011.


What is the difference or similarity between Idaho flavored Tejano and the Original Tejano?

There really isn’t a difference in Idaho flavored Tejano and the original Tejano. By mentioning “Idaho flavored Tejano”, I guess you can say I’m the spice! I’m just bringing a little bit of my Idaho flavor to Texas.


Will You be touring in other places such as Florida?

 With production on “Enamorada” being wrapped up, you can be sure I’ll be touring and performing EVERYWHERE very soon! I would love to perform outside of Idaho, into Texas and into other states, including Florida!


What is your message to your listeners and the world?

 My message to the public is: Be strong, be real, be positive,and have faith. Believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Surround yourself with good people. Last but not least… NEVER GIVE UP!!!! A message to the young ladies out there looking for inspiration: Dream, that is the one thing that can help you reach above and beyond what you know. If you can dream, set goals and put your heart into it, the sky is the limit!

God bless

Con mucho amor y Ternura,



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