Debbie Forrest: God and Music

Debbie Forrest is one of the musical icons in 21st Century America. She is one of the few artists who has included God in her life and music.

Ms. Forrest is also a worship leader in the University Baptist Church as well as a singer. I invited her to be interviewed and she accepted. The rest is one of the greatest interviews in the world.


1. When did you start your journey towards the Lord?

I decided I wanted to follow the Lord when I was pretty young. In my family, Jesus, was never just something we did. It was a way of life. My parents didn’t just make us go to church, but they really lived out what they preached by showing amazing amounts of love, generosity, and grace to the people around us. They also lived very joyfully. It never felt like it was a duty or check box they had to complete. They just loved following Jesus, and I learned by example.


2. How important is God in your life?

You can probably tell from my answer to the first question that Christ isn’t just a part of my life, He IS my life. The closer I get to understanding WHO God is, and not just what he wants me to DO, the more I fall in love with the real message of the gospel of Jesus. I’ve lived apart from following God’s word, and I’ve lived following him. In my experience, making the choice to follow Him each day is REALLY hard, but not following him makes my LIFE really hard. 

3. How are you able to combine a singing career and a ministry?

Honestly, it’s not that hard. I think everyone is seeking happiness and fulfillment. When I can be honest and vulnerable with people about who I am and the stories of my personal experience with struggle, doubt, happiness, etc, I think it connects with people. As music fans listen to music I think they can appreciate honesty and good music even if they don’t agree with what it is saying. But, if I am preachy or put on some sort of air that doesn’t seem like truth, people know it and will pull away.

4. How did you get your start in the music business?

I started working in the music business in Nashville through some internships I did in college. I wrote songs with my friends in college and generally just liked to make music. When I graduated I’d get really bored with every job I ever did. I’d come home and write more songs. I’d sing at church some too. One day I just decided that I’d try doing music for a living, and knew that I’d have to take all the business skills I had, plus a ton of hard work, if I was ever going to make a living at it. So, that’s what I did. I worked, and still work, very hard every day trying to get better at what I do.
5. What are the activities that your ministry have?

Primarily, I lead the music at a church called University Baptist Church in Houston on Sundays, but I also go to women’s prisons to play music for them and I occasionally go to one of the churches in Houston’s 5th Ward to lead the neighborhood children in songs.
6. What can we as a society do to return to God?

You’ve probably heard it said that people just want to be known and understood. I think that is what God would want too. For us all to get to know him. Only in true relationship can we ever know and love someone fully.
7. What is your advice for the world?

Love God. Love others (even your enemies).



I want to thank you Debbie for accepting my invitation to be interviewed. My congratulations to you for placing God first and foremost at a time when people have abandoned Him. Best wishes from Florida.


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