«Bought To Succeed» by Emilio Chaviano January 30, 2015

«Bought To Succeed»


Emilio Chaviano

January 30, 2015


On a scale of 1-10 where would you rate yourself in terms of being a success in life? Everyone starts our wanting to stand out in some area.  At the same time most people tend to underestimate their own abilities and accomplishments. It is important first to identify what it is that represents success for you. A lot of people look at their wealth as a measure of achievement. Others think of a happy family and a life with the basic comforts. It matters not where you are now in your life, it is not too late to be a success.  The story of Joseph in the bible gives us some very important insights about a young man who prospered in spite of great adversity.  Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers. That had to be a tremendous blow to his heart, but Joseph did not succumb. His desire was to develop his full potential as a human being  and making whatever contribution he could under any circumstances. Joseph’s attention to the small things brought greater responsibilities. He also enjoyed the most important quality of loyalty toward his superiors. His morals and character were beyond reproach. Scripture tells us that his master saw that the Lord was with Joseph. I believe that was really the most important asset Joseph had. «The Lord was with Joseph and he prospered.» (Gen 39:2) That is the key to real success! The central character of the story never felt he was a victim or expected a handout from anyone. On the contrary, Joseph also demonstrated he was able to forgive those who had wronged him. Now, that is truly a success story. How is yours unfolding so far?  We are a success first of all when others can tell the Lord is by our side. The same Lord that stood by Joseph is available now to help you prosper!


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