Low expectations=happy marriage?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Last night over dinner Husband and I got to talking about marriage expectations. I’m sure I brought it up, because I’m always contemplating things out loud with no real direction. I think it stemmed from my idea for steaks, lobster and champaign on Valentines day and his luke warm reaction to my brilliant and sweet idea that I felt deserved something of an enthusiastic reaction.

But really, Husband’s never been known for over-enthusiasm. I know better, but you know, sometimes I fish.

«Well, there are certain expectations aren’t there, about Valentines day?» I asked.

And then somewhere between his reaction to that statement and my rebuttal, I said something like, «There’s expectations in a marriage too. I mean, you have expectations for me don’t you?»

And he said, «No. Not really. I mean, I expect you not to leave me.»

«Well that’s an easy one,» I laughed.

«And, I guess I expect…

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