Servants Needed by Emilio Chaviano

«Servants Needed»


Emilio Chaviano

March 17, 2015


If you are aware of the significance of today’s date perhaps you wore something green. Yes, it is St. Patrick’s Day and even people who don’t trace their ancestry to Ireland know a bit about the legends and traditions related to Patrick. It is said that as young man Patrick had a vision and that he heard voices calling him to go to Ireland saying: «We appeal to you holy servant boy, to come and walk among us.» Whether or not you observe St. Patrick’s Day, I urge you to at least remember that this young man accepted the invitation and adopted a lifestyle of service. It is difficult to find people with a genuine servant spirit. Most of us enjoy being served. In many cultures those who serve are perceived as having a lower status in society. Jesus of Nazareth had a lot to say about the meaning of life and how to live as servants. It seems like a contradiction, but most of what is true about life is the opposite of what we make it to be. We can’t find fullness of life until we discover that the less we possess the more we have. True happiness comes when we are able to give more and seek less for ourselves. The ultimate contradiction is that we are not fully alive until we die. I realize that these ideas are a bit much to consider while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. I believe that millions wore green today because young Patrick found the answers for himself. Think it over a few times before you decide to live as a servant. This may not be the life that you really want. I warn you about how joyful, peaceful, adventurous, attentive, loving, generous,  forgiving and spirit filled you will become. There is actually even more to the life of a servant and green garments are not required.

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