Easter message of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander [Royal House of Serbia]

Easter message of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander

During these days when Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate the feast of feasts, the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, we have an obligation as members of the God’s people and the people of Serbia, to look at our transgressions of the law of our Creator, to seek forgiveness for them, and to look for strength to return to the path of our ancestors that leads to the future, in the words of God and the teachings of our common father, St. Sava. These are not different directions, it is the way of salvation, and there is only one such path, and it has only one direction!

We pray to the Lord to give us strength and wisdom to overcome all difficulties and misfortunes. We pray that all of us, regardless of religion or ethnic origin, to work for the benefit of Serbia and all the people of Serbia for the sake of present and future generations. We pray in these days when we celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord that our politicians have the wisdom and strength and be united in finding just solutions for the painful tragedy of Kosovo and finding the way for our people’s future, to create jobs, to live in peace, security and prosperity.

To all Christians of Orthodox denomination, to Serbian people, hierarchs, clergy, diaconate, those in power and those over whom this power is implemented, on behalf of my family I am sending the greetings of love and hope:


The Royal Palace in Belgrade,

Easter, year of our Lord 2015

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The Royal Palace, Belgrade 11040, Serbia
Tel: +381 11 306 4000 Fax: +381 11 306 4040
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