Emilio Chaviano – Escape From Prison [Killian Pines United Methodist Church]

Hello friends,
Prison escapes have been prominent in the news recently. Attempts and successful prison escapes have always existed. Those who escape  become fugitives from justice and eventually pay the consequences. One thing is true. Those who escape are not truly free. The Book of Acts tells of the miraculous prison break by Paul and Silas. (Acts 16:16-40) These two men had been unjustly beaten and incarcerated. Their only crime was to free a slave-girl from those who exploited her. The jailer was ordered to put them in the innermost cell and fastened their feet in the stocks. In spite of the unfair treatment, Paul and Silas maintained an amazing attitude and about midnight they were busy praying and singing hymns to God while the other prisoners listened. People who escape from prison normally receive assistance from others either inside or outside the prison. Paul and Silas had help but theirs was of a supernatural nature. A violent earthquake broke the chains and opened the doors, but Paul and Silas chose not to escape. They stayed out of concern for the wellbeing of the jailer who had mistreated them. The unselfish spirit demonstrated by Paul and Silas was a powerful testimony which eventually lead to the jailer’s conversion. How we behave under difficult circumstances can make all the difference for ourselves as well as for those who are watching us. Even when still bound by chains, stocks and heavy doors, Paul and Silas were truly free men. When they were free to run, they did not, bound by the moral and spiritual obligation to care for a fellow human being.  Now,  here is prison escape story worthy of the evening news, but chances are that you will not get it there.
Peace and Joy!

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