Lost and Found – Emilio Chaviano

Dear friends,

It is possible to get lost in familiar territory. One recent night I was driving home with my wife in an area of our city that we know fairly well. I took a detour to show her a place I frequent. Instead of returning to the main road, I decided to explore a new route. Soon we realized that we had no idea where we were. I was following my sense of direction which proved to fail me repeatedly. I was lost! Even though I knew were not facing a life or death situation, the feeling was unpleasant. It was a combination of embarrassment and helplessness. The car had no navigation system, but we turned to the technology built into our cell phone. It worked! In no time a nice lady who lives inside the phone told us, turn by turn, how to get back to our house. Sometimes in life we all need external assistance to find the way when we are lost. Most people feel confident that they can manage the detours and all the turns that life brings. But remember, we can get lost in familiar territory. King David also felt lost at significant times of his life. This mighty king of Israel acknowledged that we was very much like a lost sheep in need of a good shepherd. This is why he wrote: «The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.» (Ps 23:1) It is easy to be lost and not even know it simply because we are in what we consider familiar territory. Like David, I had to swallow my pride and admit my inability to find the way. Let’s follow David’s example and turn to his shepherd as the perfect guide for life. Find the Way!

Happy trails,

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