Emilio Chaviano : Free To Follow

Hello friends,

The teachings of Jesus call us to be free and to be followers. There is a story in the gospels about a young man who came to Jesus with a very important question. From these accounts we gather that the young man was very wealthy and that he was searching for answers to spiritual questions about the meaning of his life. In reading the story we also discover that the young man was religiously observant. It is not uncommon for people to reach a point in life when a spiritual hunger awakens. We all have a need to know, and religious practices do not necessarily satisfy the deepest questions of the soul. Jesus presented a challenge that is crucial. (Mark 10:17-22) It is also true that people who live in material poverty or riches can live in spiritual bankruptcy. So, the same challenge that Jesus offered to the rich young ruler is presented to each of us regardless of financial status. We are required to realize that those things which we treasure may actually be holding us back. Certainly we treasure our treasures; but also our relationships, social status, reputations, heritage, religions, ideas, hobbies, and the list goes on and on. Any and all of these can hold us captive and keep us from the freedom to follow. The alternative is to walk away as the young man in the story and to continue to live with our «possessions,» but without that which makes us free and gives peace, joy and eternal purpose.

May you be free to love!

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