Johnson and Weld : Taking Back America To Sanity? [An Interview With Omar Recuero : LPF VCh]

During this election cycle, we have decided to invite distinct viewpoints to be interviewed. Omar Recuero Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida accepted our invitation to be interviewed.


The purpose is for people to be informed of other choices on the ballot or a write in if needed. The rest is in the hands of the voters to choose their candidate according to their conscience.    We are not affiliated with any political party and this was for public service.


  1. Why is the Libertarian Party [and Johnson/Weld in particular] receiving an increase of interest and publicity [compared to previous years] in spite of efforts by the Mainstream Media to minimize or silence them?


The Libertarian Party is receiving more attention and is more popular now because of a combination of things starting with education.

Information travels faster today than ever before. Also, more people today have access to that information via the

internet than ever before. The Libertarian Party of Florida would say that, the internet is the free market place of idea’s.

So combine more people finding out that they agree with most, if not all of our platform. Plus, the two “main” parties continuing

to disenfranchise their members, which is causing them to leave their respected parties. Along with our presidential nominee

Gov. Gary Johnson who’s message of peace, civil liberties and free markets speaks and resonates with so many people today.

It’s not a coincidence that our popularity maybe at an all time high.  




  1. What can Gary Johnson offer to America and to the world as an alternative to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?


What Gov. Johnson offers to the American people first and foremost is real transparency, experience and honesty. To quote Gov. Johnson

“If you tell the truth, you never have to remember anything”. Next, Gov. Johnson brings executive experience being a former

two term governor as a republican in a state that is 2:1 democrat. New Mexico had alot of issues when Gary took office and

he had never been involved in politics before being elected there. He is not making empty promises or planning to raises taxes(again)

to fix what the federal government has broken. He is also not advocating on building walls and separating different classes of people.

Gov. Johnson is an entrepreneur and would like to inspire more people to be one as well. His message and policies would empower

the individual and create an equal playing field for all industries.

What he offers to the world is peaceful and diplomatic solutions as opposed to the typical violent solutions offered

by democrats and republicans. Gov. Johnson believes we should not be the police of the world and it’s policy such

as his which over time can and should help strengthen relationships and trade around the world.  



  1. How would a Johnson/Weld Government go about resolving an almost $20 Trillion deficit if it is elected? How different would the resolution compared to a Democratic or Republican run government?


Gov Gary Johnson vetoed over 750 pieces of legislation when he was governor of New Mexico. He may have vetoed more

legislation than the other 49 governors combined. The majority of the bills he vetoed where spending bills or bills that

grew the size of government, which always come with a cost. Gov. Johnson recognizes that government spending and

borrowing is out of control.

Managing that debt starts with no longer adding to it and making government live within it’s means.

Ideally, he would like to abolish the IRS and the income tax, it may or may not happen. However, it is something that

has to be done because it would outlast his Presidency. It would force to government to stay more within it’s means

when considering a Federal budget or any more un constitutional federal programs such as the war on drugs or spying

on millions of Americans, taxation is theft. Our National debt is Gov. Johnson biggest priority and he recognizes that it is the biggest issue

we face. You can count of Gov. Johnson to look through the budget of every Federal agency because there is a lot of excess.

He would look to make smart cuts while maintaining services that many may need or rely on. This will lead to a more economically

prosperous and sound America.


The other parties offer the same rhetoric “We have to change the tax code, here and there” “Too many not paying there fair share”.

Meanwhile under their proposed policies which will fail again, the spending will continue and probably increase which will

lead to a monetary collapse of sorts, in which we simply will no longer be able to print or borrow any more “money” to get out from under.


  1. What is the position of Johnson/Weld with regards to the United Nations, World Health Organization, and the International Monetary Fund? How would a Johnson/Weld administration deal with International Organizations like the above mentioned?

I am not familiar with Gov. Johnson positions on these organizations. As, a libertarian I would shy away from working with

them and it’s my honest opinion that Gov. Johnson will take a hard look at what they do. And to what extend the U.S.

supplies to these organizations and if things don’t add up or if there are violations of some kind Gov. Johnson would shy

away from working with these organizations. I doubt it that any agreement we have with any of those organizations

would be terminated, think #BREXIT.


  1. What have the Libertarians achieved in Florida [local and state level] in spite of strict ballot access laws?


Well in terms of strict ballot access laws, we don’t have that issue to overcome here in the state of Florida.

About 20 years ago, Libertarians from around the state were able to organize and affect change to the FL constitution to

allow all parties equal ballot access.To quote Article 6, section 1 of the FL Constitution “the requirements for a candidate of

a minor party for placement of the candidate’s name on the ballot shall be no greater than the requirements for a candidate

of the party having the largest number of registered voters”. Basically as long as we remain a party here in Florida, anyone

can run as a Libertarian if they choose. Some minors details apply, but that is the gist of it.

We as a party have also had local impacts throughout the years here in Florida. One recent example is The Libertarian Party of Collier County

played a significant role in getting the county to de-regulate the taxi industry. This was a way of “leveling the playing field” versus writing

new laws to specifically regulate the rideshare industry, more specifically Uber and Lyft.


  1. Florida is a diverse state secondary to its unique geography. What is the position of the LPF in regards to immigration, civil rights, and equal opportunity as well as how to achieve a balance in those issues?


The LPF’s positions on immigration, civil liberties and equal opportunity follow along with our Presidential  Nominee. On immigration

make it as easy as possible to come into the country, people should be able to travel more freely. Civil liberties, free speech,

freedom of association, freedom of expression, the second amendment, privacy, private property, they all matter equally and it is the job of government

first and foremost to protect that without prejudice to one or the other. Also, our platform basically states that we favor laws to be

applied to everyone equally, even public employees and officials. When the government does not pick winners and loser(crony capitalism)

everyone regardless of income, age, race, etc.. has an opportunity to make of themselves what they wish both socially and economically.



  1. What is the difference between Johnson/Weld and Clinton/Trump with regards to domestic and foreign investments?


In regards to differences between Trump/Clinton is first and foremost to seek peaceful and diplomatic resolutions to any and 

all foreign affairs. Also, Gov. Johnson’s stance has always been a more non intervention approach and to stop interfering in the

business of other nations. Where as Trump and Clinton have changed their stance of some foreign policy issues, which makes it

difficult to know where they actually stand. It also makes it difficult to know whether you can trust them. One thing is for sure,

our military actions of recent have a direct correlation to what appears to be a rise in terrorist attacks. There is a lot of frustration

and mis understanding taking place in places like the middle east. Yes, there are apparent human rights violations still taking place,

whether it’s from a government or from rouge groups. Gov. Johnson understands the devil is in the details and more boots on

the ground only equates to more bloodshed not more peace.



  1. For more than a decade, there has been a War On Terror and War On Drugs. What is the response to Johnson/Weld in regard to these two wars?


I think Gov. Johnson would say, that the war on drugs has bought the U.S. more drugs. The war on terror has made

not just the U.S less safe but the rest of the world as well. Both of these on going “wars” has cost billions and dollars

and have rapidly grown the size and scope federal government, as well as the national debt. As mentioned before, Gov. Johnson seeks peaceful and diplomatic resolutions to foreign affairs. He believes our military

is the greatest in the world and should create a invincible wall of national defense right here in America, instead of occupy so

many foreign nations.

In regards to the war on drugs, which is really a war on people. Gov. Johnson has pledge in his first day in the oval office,

he would order the DEA and the attorney general to de schedule marijuana from the list of controlled substances. Also,

if the opportunity presents itself he would abolish the DEA(Drug Enforcement Agency). Gov. Johnson recognizes that if there

is no victim, there there cannot be a crime. America has the highest incarnation rate in the world, the majority of inmates being

individuals who where in possession of something that is “illegal”. This is a practice that Gov. Johnson wants to see stopped once

and for all.


  1. How does the Libertarian Party define America?


We view America as the land of endless opportunity both socially and economically. Americans in general are very

independent minded and self sufficient. We are also thoughtful, caring, well educated and when our neighbors need help we

are there for one another. In some ways it’s libertarian leaning or rather some people live a libertarian lifestyle and just don’t

realize it. However, I would say that we also don’t view our liberties here as being geographically centered. We recognize

that a Right is just that, a Right no matter where you are and that people all over the world should not allow their

government to define what their rights are. America is basically a place where you can be yourself, whatever that means is up to you. Economically if you have an

idea, you can change the world for the better. Gov. Johnson has stated “America is great” And ask “has life been any better

than now in this country?”



  1. What is your message to the American people and the world in regards to the current elections and what may transpire?


Our message is simple, everyone has the right to live their life as free as they see fit, as long as they do not harm another individual.

That philosophy is based upon tolerance and non aggression. It is the pledge we ask all of our members to take, which is also known

as the non aggression principle.

As libertarians we seek a world where everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual identification or country of origin has an equal opportunity

to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With an understanding that a government, minimal in size and scope should exist, but only to

protect the natural rights of all citizens guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

We are proud to have a candidate in Gov. Gary Johnson who understands that there are limits to what the President can and cannot do.

It’s an exciting time to be a libertarian not just in Florida, but all across America. We ask you to take a look at what we have to offer,

you might realize you are a libertarian after all. And finally, we ask everyone who hasn’t already, to take a look at Gov. Gary Johnson,

his name will be on the ballot in all 50 states. Let’s make history and instead of voting against something, let’s vote for something,

let’s vote for Gary Johnson. 


Thank you for accepting our invitation to the interview. It was a pleasure and an honor having you and the LPF. Best wishes



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