Net Neutrality : An Open Letter To The FCC and Congress

Dear FCC and Mr. Pai as well as Congress:

The USA was founded on the basis of Freedom of Speech as well as the right to different view points. Yet the USA dictates and pontificates about human rights and freedom to the world while repressing it at home with Political Correctness in the Net by gutting Net Neutrality.

In doing so, the FCC and Congress has become an example of Big Government in the style of Hitler in Germany, Castro in  Cuba, and Maduro in Venezuela. The FCC and Congress MUST uphold Net Neutrality or else remove any reference to freedom and return the Statue of Liberty to France.

It would be even better if the FCC were abolished or privatized since it is NOT COST EFFECTIVE and a violation of the reason America was founded. Please Protect Net Neutrality and Mr. Pai MUST resign his post

Thank you

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