Take Courage- Emilio Chaviano

Dear friends,

Most people, even those who are not religious have heard of the Biblical miracle of Jesus walking on water. Around the world, this coming Sunday, worshippers will hear the reading from the Gospel of Matthew 14 telling how the Lord appeared to his disciples. Personally I never gave much thought to the claim that the young teacher approached the boat on the surface of the Sea of Galilee. That is a given! To me the main attraction is that Peter, even if for a brief few seconds, followed this Master’s command and was able to defy the natural order. Not a given and really a miracle! Jesus commanded Peter to take courage. Most of us identify with Peter. We are curious, we want demonstrations of the supernatural, we want to believe, and we all doubt. The story can be studied in many ways, but I think «doubt» plays a central role. Along human history the people who accomplished great things were those who believed and not those who held unto their doubts. Moses believed he had a mission to free his people from slavery. Columbus believed he could navigate the Earth without falling off the edge. Marconi believed that radio waves could travel through space without wires. Thomas Edison believed he could make an electric light bulb. President Kennedy believed man could travel to the moon and back. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed in the civil rights of every human being regardless of race and other differences. Teresa of Calcutta believed that even the poorest were deserving of loving care. You can think of many more believers. I have tried to come up with a brief list of great accomplishments by people who held fast to their doubts. Perhaps you can. Put in another way, your doubts will not get you far and even sink you. Courage and faith on the other hand helped Peter accomplish an extraordinary feat from a human point of view. Every day we have opportunities to walk on water. Those are the times when we can choose to believe or to doubt. The world is full of people who doubt everything. Be counted with those who make a difference. Don’t get wet…take courage and believe. Another miracle!

Peace and Joy!

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