A Challenge On Valentines Day

Today is the Day of Lovers and Friendship in which people use that day to express their love for others. Yet the subject of Love has been touched upon by people from all walks of life since there is love of couples, country, ancestry, and more…

My biggest fear has been that people will use this day to express everything that they feel and everything will be “normal” the next day. I want to issue a challenge to everyone this Valentines Day if you are willing.

I challenge everyone to turn away from the messengers of hate that have polluted our computers and airwaves and replace them with love. I challenge people to turn off their televisions, computers and radios or at least change

I challenge people to love each other and appreciate life such as looking at nature and our beautiful surroundings.

If you feel love for things of God, find refuge in a Church. If it is music, enjoy a concert in the outdoors or theater especially those by artists such as Giselle Gastell, 3RG Miami, Instant Karma, Luis Alas with the Calle Ocho Funk, and the great duo Instant Karma with Tony Cruz and Mabel Garcia.

Take care of your health since there is only one you and there is nothing wrong with self love if not taken to the extreme. In Love there is Unity.


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