The Monkees : Why They Deserve To Be In The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. RCAG

At a time when there are rock stars inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, there are others who deserve such an award but are never considered. The Monkees are an example of these groups that fall under this category.

While it is understandable that certain purists consider The Monkees a made for TV Rock Group with Comedy, there was talent that was underestimated. They recorded and wrote their own music in spite of the objections of their television and recording company bosses.

The reason was the desire to be accepted as a true rock n roll group instead of a TV comedy sitcom taking into account their talents. The Monkees proved that to the world and managed to take control of their career at a time when this would have amounted to a death sentence in their professional career.

Each member showed creativity, originality and talent in each album recorded especially “The Birds, Bees and The Monkees” as well as their recent one “Good Times”. Even performing solo, each member of this illustrious rock group were able to shine with each individual creativity such as “Cambria Hotel” recorded by Peter Tork.

At a time when Mainstream Music in America has become stale, the Monkees served [and continue to serve] as an inspiration for Independent Musicians in America and around their world. The reason is the freshness, originality, and positive messages promoting love, life, and liberty in their music.

It is music like the ones recorded by the Monkees that deserve to be honored. It is hoped that the powers that be will one day do justice to this great and magnificent group.



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