Censorship and Liberty in America [RCAG]

Lynn Thaler wrote about the incompatibility of censorship with freedom in the USA and she is right. It is rare that those who talk about freedom and democracy within the USA [and export it to the world via culture or invasion] are the same people who repress it at home.

We have seen Republicrats [Republicans and Democrats] belittle and bully those who vote for another party with quotes like “wasted votes} in effect saying to the alternative party that their opinion is worthless. They have eben gone as far to establish discriminatory ballot access laws to exclude those parties not in tow with the elite.

There have been loyalty oaths for candidates to not run for public office as Independents if they lose the nominations of the Republicrats. The elite have seen their fear and aversion to those who are Independents taking over their parties and are using methods such as mass media to prevent such takeovers.

The level of intolerance reached fever pitch when both sides destroy each other because of divisive ideas. We have seen establishments not serving customers on the basis of their political preference.

We have seen marriages and friendships sent down the drain, and fights during holiday reunions because of differing political beliefs. We have witnessed people removing campaign signs because of disagreements.

A person cannot go out and enjoy a great time with family and friends because of a waiter harassing them for wearing a hat supporting a particular candidate. What about the Christian Bakery forced to close because of the insistence of the LGBT Lobby to bake a cake celebrating a travesty of marriage?

This is the same LGBT Group that lacks diversity secondary to its favoritism of WASPS [White Anglo-Saxons] or their clone in America. The CEO of Twitter was even forced to make a public apology for consuming at a Chick Fil A Restaurant during LGBT Pride Month. 

We are witness to the censorship of differing opinions by Mainstream as well as Social Media as well as Universities and this will not stop. The result is that in the future the people doing the censoring may end being themselves censored. 

The result of censorship could also be a loss of prestige for the USA in the face of the world. The elite cannot preach tolerance and freedom if it is not practiced at home.

This would lead to an eventual end of the Republic with the last free person turning off the lights, returning the Statue of Liberty to France, and selling off the documents that guaranteed such rights as free speech and press. It is my hope that this does not happen and that the Republic [which endured more than two centuries in North America] will accept those regardless of differing political opinions [as long as there is no violence], race, creed, color, ethnicity, place of birth, and religion.

This depends on the attitude of the people in America if they want to create this type of society or one in which external forces are blamed for personal failure.




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