How Islam is Holding the World Hostage: Rapes of Women and Children all Across Europe Not Reported by MSM

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Not a day goes by that we do not read how Muslims are raping children and women in foreign countries.  You will not see this on CNN or any of the other uber Liberal new source AKA fake news.

Nope – There is nothing which is abominable in the eyes of these Leftists concerning Islam.  They will defend these people to the end.

It makes NO sense to a rational mind.

I’ve written articles about the kinship of Islam and the Left. I have posed the question «Have the Leftist media outlets not seen Muslims tossing gays from the roof of high rises?  Have they never seen the news coming out of London and may other places where so-called migrants are raping foreign women?

If these Liberal outlets have this information and are purposely not publishing these stories;  that is criminal.  It doesn’t fit their narrative of the «Religion…

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