As Wise As Serpents and As Harmless as Doves

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

A very wise brother in Christ told me something that I really needed to hear.

First let me tell the reader what happened and the effect it had on me.  A few days ago, I created a Facebook group titled “Stop Transgender Indoctrination of our Children.”  Within a day the group had over 200 Christians who had joined.

Then today, the group got this message:

The group has been shut down by Facebook.

Anyone who has been following my articles of late, have most likely seen that this transgender indoctrination of little children has really done me in. I’ve laid in my bed talking to God and asking Him how He could allow this. The little children Lord!  How can this happen?

Large millstones hung about a person’s neck keep coming to mind.

The words of my brother in Christ

It was Tony Koretz of who said the words…

Ver la entrada original 788 palabras más


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