The Unraveling of Freedom

Life On The Lake

via Daily Prompt: Unravel

There was a time in America when freedom of thought and expression was not only tolerated but promoted. Differences of opinion were discussed civilly and public discourse was interesting. At some point we gradually turned debate into assault, slander, and malicious intent to destroy any person who seeks to think autonomously.

Politically there are still those who don’t identify completely with either party. Their stance is central, being somewhere between the two. They are the ones who had the luxury of education that enhanced individual initiative. Following the masses like lemmings seems to be the course plan in today’s institutions. Students are actually reviled for expressing competing views from their professor’s unmovable, unshakable love for his or her own intellectual prowess. Many give up all research into opposing outlooks. Academia has not only sought to brainwash students to follow only a strict course curriculum to limit individual…

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