Acts of Kindness Are Wonderful- But They WILL NOT Save Your Soul

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

In these last days, the devil is doing what he has always done; but he has ramped it up one hundred  fold.

What does he do?  He lies and confuses and takes the Word of God and twists it just a bit in order to deceive people.

He has millions of people across the globe believing that if they just do random acts of kindness; if they just give enough to charities, if they just affirm the LGBQT movement and abortion, etc etc – then surely God will bring them to heaven when they die.

The Word of God has made it clear to us that God does NOT affirm homosexuality or abortion (murder).   He does love the person but will NEVER give His blessings to these sins.

These people only read the Beatitudes of Jesus. They insist on seeing Him only as Love, and indeed God IS Love…

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