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Thank you Ms. Rogers for this insight.

Life On The Lake

Oh, Johnny Depp, how I have wept
to see your mortal demise.
You cannot rise again using
your fame in a way so unwise.

Madonna, dear, I know you fear being
no longer at the top of the charts.
But blowing up the Whitehouse
will not win adoring hearts.

And Tom I believe being «Castaway,»
when you lost your friend, Wilson,
deranged your brain in such away
your career could soon be done.

Tomorrowland is a place he lives,
our debonair and handsome George Clooney.
But it seems he’s jumped on the
bandwagon of the rich and famous looney.

We don’t drink champagne and eat caviar
but we’ve paid to see you at the cinema.
Now, to tell you the truth I truly think
I’d rather endure and enema.

© Phyllis Weeks Rogers 9/27/67

Header photo credit: pinsdaddy.com via Bing

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