The Americana Bistro Grill : Gone But Not Forgotten [RCAG]

During the decade of the 2010’s, AMI Radio was [and still is] one of the greatest Independent Internet Stations to grace the world providing down to earth entertainment for the world. The Americana Bistro Grill [of which I host] was [and still is] one of the greatest programs for unsigned talent of Americana Music in America and the world. 

It appeared that there was no stopping the Americana Bistro Grill until 2017 with more artists and their music being interviewed. There were specials recorded in distant areas of Florida [where AMI Radio and the Americana Bistro Grill originates] such as Miami, Homestead, Kendall, The Florida Keys, Bradenton as well as one recording of the program in Ecuador and Puerto Rico featuring live interviews with the artists.

Everything changed with the death of AMI Radio’s founder Robert Herman in late 2017. There were attempts to maintain the momentum but it was not to be especially with the changes in the station and the program.

Last weekend, the host of the Americana Bistro Grill received a message via Facebook Messenger in which the subject matter were an announcement of changes in AMI Radio. After reflecting on what was read, a decision was made to start a new program The AG News Hour or better yet, activate it for the artist and their music.

The purpose is to maintain the doors open for the unsigned artist and their music. It would be unfair to them if their music did not receive a big opportunity.

I might have to make changes and even charge for my articles in order to sustain the changes. This would be addressed later on in this blog.

I want to thank Robert Herman [RIP], Casey Hoffman, Michael Blanchette and the rest of the AMI Radio staff for the opportunities offered in their programs. I repeat that this decision was not taken lightly but it was necessary taking into account the artists especially when AMI Radio was and remains family.

There is a big possibility that the last program for the Americana Bistro Grill will be this February with reruns afterwards unless there are other plans. The AG News Hour will probably replace the Americana Bistro Grill and will be in this with ever increasing opportunities for the unsigned artist and their music.

I am planning on selling what remains of my business cards to anyone in the USA who wants a piece of the Americana Bistro Grill while supplies last. They will be sold as ten business cards for $5.00 while supplies last and those interested can E Mail me.

For the Americana Bistro Grill, you are gone but not forgotten especially in these trying times when Peace In, Peace Out and Peace Everywhere is sorely needed more than ever. It is hoped that people will heed that advice as well as the one in “Be Love” sung by Laura Marie [The Texas Singer Songwriter]who is a legend among legends in this century.

God Bless!




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