Rend Collective and “Good News”: Congratulations On First Anniversary [The AG News Hour]

At a time when the world wanted [and still does want] to commit suicide with news of bombings, killings, abortion,social engineering, and the war against the natural state of Earth, there was an historical event ignored by the elite and their mainstream media.  This event continues to this day after approaching its first anniversary milestone and it is called Good News which is an album released by the Irish Folk Rock Group Rend Collective.

According to the webpage of this prolific group, the album was conceived as a response to the negativity affecting the world and to call on the world to accept Jesus Christ as its personal Saviour in all spheres. It is not just enough to go to Church for one to two hours and listen to sermons, this is a call to live the faith on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis with the heart and soul as well mentally by practicing it.

Rend Collective spent 2018 promoting the album via The Good News Tour within Europe and the American Continent. The intention was to promote the GOOD NEWS OF CHRIST in the hope that people who go to the concert and/or buy the album will allow Jesus into their lives.

While I have not been to their concerts, the Rend Collective have reinforced my belief in Jesus Christ through their music and videos. They have kept it real and it is with this that I wish them the best in their future endeavors and may God Bless Them as well as the readers.





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