Aborted Baby Parts Fused with Rodents: Scientists Show Their Hatred of God

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

When I first read about this, I had so many emotions running through me – I could hardly breathe.

When I calmed down, I began to see a Truth in this unimaginable horror.  That truth was this:

Scientists  and others who say that they do not believe in God are LIARS.  They believe that He is there, but they HATE Him.  Why do they hate Him this much? Because they want to figure everything out, and they know they cannot.

And what better way to demonstrate this hatred of God and his creation than to purchase parts from aborted babies and then fuse these with RATS?

Judgment on America

Another thought I had after reading this story was that God’s FURY against America must be overflowing at this point.  And again, as I stated in a previous article, His fury is just as fierce (maybe more) towards those of us who…

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