Wandering and Wondering WHAT in the World is Going On?

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Today my husband drove me down to Baltimore for a doctor’s appointment. We were stopped at a red light when I turned my head to look at some store fronts.

There it was as plain as day “Same Gender Love.”  The window dresser had placed same gender mannequins dressed in same gender outfits.  They even had same gender clothes for dogs – no pink sweaters or lace – that sort of silly stuff.

I’m sure the dogs are all breathing a collective sigh of relief!  How they must have  hated their blue and pink sweaters and jackets!  The canines can finally be politically correct!  <woof woof>

Johns Hopkins Hospital

I decided that today I would take special notice of people who were possibly transgender.  I was astounded at the number.  Did all of these people have gender Dysphoria? Perhaps they were unhappy with their looks in…

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