Pedophilia Now Being Taught In CA Schools As a “Sexual Orientation”

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Last night I posted this on my Facebook page:

“Brethren – Think about the Evil of this world, and how quickly it is growing. I’ve never seen anything like this. Satan is in a rage.”

This morning. after reading that CA schools were teaching their students that pedophilia is just another sexual orientation – I was sure that I was reading fake news.

But then I saw that my friend and brother in Christ, Alex Newman, had been interviewed about this.  Alex is a writer of TRUTH.  I could hardly breathe when I realized that what I was reading was accurate.

So brethren, think about this.  Laws mandate that a woman can kill her child up to the day of delivery, and now children can legally be used sexually by pedophiles.

This is like a horrible nightmare.  But there is no waking up and being thankful that it was merely…

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