ReSet and the Consequences of Cerebral Masturbation in Digital Media [The AG News Show]

ReSet has been punished by a court in Barcelona, Spain to pay a homeless individual Gheorghe $23,000 for giving him Oreo filled with toothpaste to eat and filming it. This was the right thing to do given that this errant You Tuber has done the same by giving sandwiches filled with cat excrements to adults and children with the intent to film such an incident for his videos.

The court [in addition to the fine] punished this piece of trash by banning him from You Tube and all social media for five years. I would have gone further [as a judge] by handing a LIFE TIME BAN FROM ALL SOCIAL MEDIA and see if his small brain could contemplate the consequences of his decision which was a product of the cerebral masturbation in his mind.


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