BIG TECH’S CENSORSHIP: The LEFT’S Diabolical Plan to Silence Conservative Views

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I believe that the Left relive the night that Trump won the presidency over and over – every single day.  It must drive them CRAZY!!!!   This has prompted the Giant Tech Social media companies to actually write algorithms which weed out Conservative thought from their sites.  They are not being discreet about this. It’s BLATANT CENSORSHIP and they are proud to be part of it.


I also believe that if Saul Alinsky of «Rules for Radicals» fame were alive today, he would have added a chapter titled «Get Conservative views BANNED by major Social Media outlets. Scrub them from the Internet!!»

And that is EXACTLY what is happening at this very moment.  Just yesterday «» was suspended forever on Pinterest. At first Pinterest labled LiveAction as «Pornography!»  This is ludicrous – anyone who follows Lila Rose on LiveAction know…

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