Show THIS To Your Democratic/Socialist Friends and Family

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

A lot of the young people love Bernie Sanders.  They say he reminds them of Larry David – the creator of Seinfeld.  I say to these young people; God gave you a brain to discern smart from stupid.  Your choice of Bernie Sanders as a future president of the U.S. is STUPID.  Hopefully, someone who cares about you will print out this article for you to read.

I’m sorry if my words hurt anyone’s feelings.  But emotion and feelings do not help a person to think clearly.  Studying history and observing governments and economies will help a person to decide which type of government is beneficial and which kind utterly destroys economies.


I can picture a rally for Bernie Sanders ending with a crowd of adoring fans; arms locked together singing Kumbaya as they sway side to side.  Undoubtedly, they would leave out “My Lord” because most of…

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